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Banksathi is a platform which will empower people with the skills and tools to earn for themselves in an eternal Industry, a legacy which they can pass on to their generations. We are making complex banking industry so simple in the hands of new India.

Our Mission

Be India’s Hybrid platformwhich empowers and transforms every individual’s life by providing tools to earn or save money in every transaction of financial product.

Our Vision

By 2021 bring 10 million people under the family of Banksathi

Our Story

Banksathi is a craft planned & designed after a research of 10 years, while India saw a huge shift in digitization and volumes of banking transactions increased amazingly, as every big thing comes with challenges also, we could feel the pain of the stake holders in this process, be it customers, Financial Institutions, regulatory authorities or government; everybody has its unique problems & when there is a problem there is a solution &banksathi has it.

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