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Bank of India is a state owned commercial bank and it was established on 7 September 1906 and their headquarters in Mumbai. This bank provides a wide range of banking and financial services to the customers.

Bank of India Visa Gold Card is an exclusive card with numerous benefits and attractive offers. The card is also valid in Nepal and Bhutan apart from India and comes with a facility of issuance of add-on cards. Bank of India provides its customers with a unique login so as to facilitate the process of checking the status of their credit card online. Bank of India Visa Gold Card Status can be checked online to keep a track of the progress in the process of application and other information regarding the same. The bank allows its customers to make credit card applications through online as well as offline modes.

Bank of India Visa Gold Card Features

1. BOI Visa Gold Card is valid in India, Nepal and Bhutan

2. The bank provides the facility of add-on cards where the primary card holder can be issued add-on cards bearing the same features as the primary card.

3. The bank provides a revolving credit at a preferential rate to its customers.

4. The bank provides the facility of cash advance at over 4000 branches along with a free of cost facility of remittance for card payment.

5. The bank provides its customers with the option of bill payment at no additional charges through bank accounts.

6. Bank of India provides a flexible credit limit for Bank of India Visa Gold Add-On Cards.

7. The bank provides attractive reward programs on the card usage.

8. Interest free credit period of up to 51 days on purchases using the card.

9. Convenient billing cycle.

10. Balance transfer facility where you can transfer your outstanding balance from other cards to the Visa Gold Card.

11 Concession in the Mediclaim insurance premium of up to Rs.5 lakh can be availed by its cardholders.

12. Wide acceptance as it is a photo credit card and can be used in over 90,000 ATMs and at more than 2.5 lakh merchants.

Bank of India Visa Gold Card Benefits 

Wide acceptance 

Bank of India Visa Gold Card is a photo credit card and is accepted at over 2. 5 lakh merchant locations and can also be used to withdraw cash from over 90,000 ATMs.

Insurance Concession 

Cardholders can avail concession in the premium of mediclaim insurance policy for up to Rs. 5 lakhs. 

EMIs Facility 

The cardholder can easily convert his purchases to EMI given that the value of transaction is over Rs.5000. Now, you do not have to think twice before making any costly purchases.

Interest free credit 

All the purchases that you make using a Bank of India Visa Gold Card will be given an up to 51 days of interest free credit period.

Cash Advance Facility 

Bank of India Visa Gold Cardholders can avail the cash advance facility at more than 4000 bank branches with free remittance option for credit card payment.

Bank of India Visa Gold Card Fee and charges

To apply for a Visa Gold card, you have to pay fees and charges applied by the Bank of India. It covers all charges and fees made by a bank to their customers.The following charges are taken from the Bank of India i.e joining fee, annual fee, interest rate, late payments charges etc.



Annual Fee

Rs 600 per annum

Add On Card Fee

Rs 350 per annum

Cash Advance Transaction Fee

2% (minimum Rs. 50) for each transaction.

Duplicate Statement Request Charges

Rs 50

Return of Cheque Fee

Minimum of Rs 100

Cheque Bounce Fee

Minimum of Rs 100

Over Limit Charges

Rs. 100/- for each transaction

Charge Slip Request

Rs. 100/- or actual whichever higher

Air and Railway Booking charges

Actual charges as prescribed by the Indian Railways or the acquirer bank

Credit Limit

20% of annual income subject to a minimum of Rs. 30,000 and a maximum of Rs.200,000

Late Payment Penalty

Rs. 100/- in addition to finance charges for minimum payment due greater than Rs. 1000

Cash Advance Limit

50% of his total spending limit subject to Rs.15,000 per day

Bank of India Visa Gold Card Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for a Visa Gold card from Bank of India, you should fulfil all basic eligibility criteria as prescribed by the bank. You will get your credit card very soon if you meet all the required eligibility criteria once the documentation is done.

1. This credit card is issued to a person of Indian origin.

2. Non-resident Indians and individuals of foreign origin who are currently residing in India for employment can also apply for this card.

3. The applicant must have a gross annual income of Rs.1.50 lakhs and above.

4. The customer must have a commendable CIBIL score and should not have defaulted on any payment of dues pertaining to Bank of India or any other bank.

5. The applicant must have a steady income which will be verified from the income tax return statements and salary slips

Bank of India Visa Gold Card Documents Required

Any applicant who is applying for a Visa Gold credit card from Bank of India must have to submit the following documents. These documents are the requirements for the lenders who are providing you the credit card.

1. KYC Documents = PAN, address proof and ID proof

2. Coloured photograph

3. Income Proof = Last 3 month salary slip

4. Last 3 months bank statement 

5. ITR or Form 16

Bank of India Credit Card Login 

Cardholders of Bank of India Credit Card can log in to their credit card account through following steps :

1. First of all, go to the official website of Bank of India

2. On this website, an option “Internet Banking” will be found on your right side, Click on it.

3. After that, two more options will come – “Personal” or “Corporate,” Click on any net banking option which you have already registered.

4. Now you will see a pop-up window in which some things related to security will be written. Click on the “OK” button or wait for some time, it will be automatically removed, and you will go to the next step.

5. Now you will reach the BOI Net Banking website. On the top left corner, you can see the option “Retail Login.” Fill User ID and Password in the given boxes.

6. After entering the ID & password, click on the “Submit” option.

7. After clicking on the Submit option, you will be reached into your account.

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How to apply for Bank of India Visa Gold Card

There are two reason to apply for Bank of India Visa Gold Card :

1. Offline Method : By visiting the nearest branch of Bank of India

2. Online Method 

  • Visit the website of the bank you wish to apply for the Visa Gold Card scheme.

  • From the list of options, choose the Visa Gold Card.

  • On clicking the option of ‘Apply’, the website will redirect you to the application page.

  • Fill the form with the required details and click on ‘Submit’.

  • On doing so, an application reference number will be sent.

  • If you are eligible, the bank will get back to you for the further process within 3-4 working days.

Bank of India Visa Gold Card Customer Care

Contact number : 18001031906

Email id :

Bank of India Credit Card Payment Online 

Credit cards have become a very useful tool for people to complete their daily transactions like paying utility bills, paying mobile bills, buying groceries etc. Gone are the days when credit cards were only used for buying airline tickets or similar large transactions. 

1. Login to your Bank of India net banking account

2. Go to 'Credit Cards'

3. Find the option to make 'Credit Card Bill Payment'

4. Choose between 'Total Amount Due' and 'Minimum Amount Due'

5. Click on 'Pay' to process the payment

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Bank of India Visa Gold Card Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a Bank of India Visa Gold Card?

Visa Gold cards deliver the recognition, security, and preferred service you demand. A Bank of India Visa Gold Card will make your purchases more rewarding. Bank of India Visa Gold Card offers EMI option at affordable interest rates wherein the cardholder can convert costly payments to instalments.

2. How can I apply for a Bank of India Visa Gold Card?

You can apply for a Bank of India Visa Gold Card online and offline by visiting the nearest bank branch.

3. How do I contact customer care for a Bank of India Visa Gold Card?

You can contact through customer care toll free number and also through e-mail id for a Bank of India Visa Gold Card.

4. What is the customer care number of a Bank of India Visa Gold Card?

The customer care number of Bank of India Visa Gold Card is 18001031906.

5. What is the Email id of Bank of India Visa Gold Card?

The Email id of Bank of India Visa Gold Card is

6. What are the minimum and maximum late payment charges of Bank of India Visa Gold Card?

The minimum charges is 100 and maximum late payment charges is 1000 of Bank of India Visa Gold Card.

7. What is the annual fee of a Bank of India Visa Gold Credit Card?

The annual fee of a Bank of India Visa Gold Is Rs.600.

Last Updated on : 03/Oct/2020

Know More About CREDIT CARDS

Bank Of India Visa Gold Card

You're eligible for a Bank Of India Visa Gold Card if you:

Are legally adult enough to handle it

Have still got it

Get a regular pay check

Make more than a basic buck

Your eligibility depends on:

Earn more than minimum income required

Maximum allowed Credit Cards is Rs. 10K to Rs. 45 lakhs

EMIs of other loans loweryour eligibility

Boost your eligibility by:

Pay off your credit card bills

Choose longer tenure loan up to 5 years

Nothing gets done without that paperwork (which we'll happily carry over to the bank for you, no sweat). Here's what you'll need:

  • 1. Photo ID and age proof
  • 2. Signed application form with photograph
  • 3. Residence proof
  • 4. Last 6 months bank statement
  • 5. Documentation for salaried applicants:
    • Last 3 months salary - slips
    • Form 16 or Income Tax Returns
  • 6. Documentation for self-employed applicants:
    • Last 3 years Income Tax Returns with computation of Income
    • Last 3 years CA Certified / Audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account