HSBC, founded in 1865, is one of the largest organizations to provide financial and banking services. With their network spread across 60 countries and territories in Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, HSBC offers personal banking, commercial banking, global banking and other services. Besides that, the bank has got a slew of products and banking services covered which includes deposit accounts, cards and loans.

Products Offered by HSBC

Below we have listed all the HSBC products and services offered to fulfill the banking needs of customers. These products and services come in categories such as cards, deposit accounts, loans etc. These are the products that have only burgeoned as useful over time.

Let us know take a walk down all the financial products and banking services offered by HSBC:

1. Deposit Account

HSBC offers two types of deposit account: Savings Account and Current Account.

Savings account Savings accounts offer customers convenient solutions at attractive interest rates, fuss-free transfer facility for funds, monthly statements and easy withdrawals for paying bills and much more.
Current account Current account is offered by HSBC in order to look after financial services to the businesses, corporates, or those who are into imports and exports.

2. Loans

Here are the types of loans offered by HSBC:

Personal loan HSBC offers personal loans to the customers to help fulfill financial needs. This loan is offered at attractive interest rates with the loan amount of up to Rs 30 lakhs and tenure of up to 5 years.
Home loan Make your dream home come true with an HSBC home loan. HSBC offers various types of home loans to help buy, construct or renovate homes with the repayment tenure of up to 25 years and loan amount of up to Rs 10 Cr.
Loan against property Customers can avail the HSBC loan against property to be able to raise funds conveniently. This type of HSBC loan comes for a tenure of up to 15 years.

3. Cards

Here are two different types of cards offered by HSBC:

Debit card HSBC debit cards come in three different types that offer important features to the customers such as online fraud protection, lost liability cover etc.
Credit card HSBC provides various types of credit cards that offer rewards and cashbacks on spends in different categories such as dining, online transactions, entertainment, fuel etc.

4. Investments

HSBC offers customers the facility of fixed deposits.

Fixed Deposits HSBC comes with various schemes in fixed deposits that are designed to cater both young as well as the senior customers. These schemes come at attractive interest rates and the tenure ranges between a week to 5 years.

5. Banking

Here are the banking services offered by HSBC that you can take a hand from:

Net Banking HSBC provides customers the netbanking platform which they can use to keep a check on their account which includes checking balance, transferring funds etc.
Phone Banking  HSBC phone banking is the fastest way for account holders to access bank accounts and perform activities such as payment of bills, quick funds transfer etc.
Balance Enquiry HSBC allows the HSBC account holders to keep tabs on account balance via different  mediums such as SMS, customer care, ATM, phone banking and net banking.
Customer Care HSBC enables customers to contact them using toll-free number in case of any query, grievance, complaints or feedback.

HSBC Contact Information 

If you have any enquiry to make or complaint to lodge, or in case of any feedback or grievance, you can contact HSBC bank on the following toll-free numbers:

1800 267 3456

1800 121 2208