5 Important Car Insurance Add-On Covers That Will Save Your Money

Important Car Insurance Add-On Covers

We all need a balance and a handful of speed-dials in life. Whether it is a road trip to an unknown destination or a well-planned long drive with bunch of loved ones on a rainy day, it feels breathable to have a security as refreshing as a cup of coffee and a shot of espresso as an add-on to that in order to enhance your overall mood and have your eyes wide open to what’s ahead. While insuring your car, you already secure coverage against unforeseen losses but if you are a fan of an extra pour over then this article on best add-on covers for car insurance is for you. What is an add-on? Let’s jump to that and make a better decision for your dear car.

What is an Add-On Covers In Car Insurance Policy?

An add-on is the additional coverage for your car insurance that covers the losses that are not included in your policy plan. These add-ons are super helpful when it comes to taking care of emergency services like fueling, leakage etc. and can be used to avoid the expenses which you normally would pay including the depreciation cost, NCB etc. by paying an additional amount of premium. Overall, the add-on covers are final touch-ups to your car insurance  plans that enhance them to be a lot advantageous.

Top 5 Car Insurance Add-on Covers That Will Save Your Money

We have gathered 5 best add-on covers for your car insurance plan which you can use to let go of those tiny/additional expenses to save your wallet.    

1. Zero Depreciation Cover 

Zero depreciation add-on is the most recommended add-on cover which helps you avoid the difference in value occurring by depreciation. Every year, your vehicle is to be depreciated as it gets used and aged with time. Your insurer is entitled to pay you the depreciated value of the car at the time of insurance claim settlement which you can avoid using this cover.

Using the zero depreciation cover brings you the privilege of claiming the full cost of replacements that have been made for the parts of your car. Thus, you are saved from having to pay the deductibles for that. This add-on usually runs for five years starting from the date of purchase alongside a maximum of 2 claims during the tenure.

2. No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover

The no claim bonus cover is yet another incredible option for you to protect your wallet from heavy expenses due to an accident. You bag a no claim bonus when you do not make any claim during your policy tenure. This no claim bonus earns you attractive discounts on the renewal of your policy. However, this offer slips off your palm on making claims during your policy year.

And that is where you need this add-on. No claim bonus add-on for your car insurance makes sure you don’t miss your chance at any bonuses even if you have made any claims. Using this add-on, you can also make claims to cover the repair or replacements, theft, accessories etc. This add-on can be enjoyed on first two claims and is usually applicable on vehicles aged up to a maximum of 3 years.

3. Engine Protection

The engine protection is one of the most useful add-ons you can have by your side along with the car insurance plan. Designed keeping the high-end cars newbie cars (aging up to 3 years)in mind, this add-on gives a hand of compensation for engine repairs that have nothing to do with any accident. It is quite useful in case of treating issues like waterlogging, oil leakage etc. that are likely to render damage to your car.

4. Roadside Assistance 

As a car owner, you know what the ceaseless care-taking of your car means and this add-on is all about that. In terms of serving your car essential services such as towing, replacement of flat tyre, refueling, other mechanic’s services that need to be provided in case of breakdown. 

If you have your car covered with the roadside assistance cover then you will be able to contact and ask your insurer to send assistance wherever you are. Apart from that, you will also be eligible for getting a taxi service, help in arranging accommodation and many other utility perks.

5. Consumables

When an insured car gets damaged in any accident, the repair/replacement is provided by the insurance company. However, the coverage offered by the company does not necessarily include nuts and bolts, screws, oils etc. which makes you pay the cost of such fixes. 

With this add-on, you will be able to contact and ask your insurer to look after such payouts in the time of requirements. This add-on is super useful if you own a high-end car. Note that this add-on is usually applicable on cars aging up to a maximum of 3 years.

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Choose the Best Add-On Cover for Car Insurance

While nil/zero depreciation add-on what most car owners find beneficial, you have got engine protection, tyre protection, return to invoice which you may wish to suit your needs with. This or that, you need to decide on it looking at what you find absent from your plan. Avoid paying extra and taking an add-on just for its sake.