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Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana Kendra/Store

There have been a lot of pradhan mantri schemes that have been launched for the benefit of the people. The Jan Aushadhi pariyojana has been launched to provide high-quality medicines at affordable prices. The scheme was launched on 1st July 2015 by the Department of Pharmaceuticals under the Government of India. Under this scheme, the citizens of India will be able to buy generic medicines at really low prices as compared to the brands available on the market. The biggest achievement of the government is providing biodegradable sanitary napkins at Rs. 2.50.Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana

What do you mean by Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines refer to the drugs that aren’t branded. To put it simply, these medicines do not sell under the name of Intas, Sun Pharma, etc. These medicines aren’t produced by billion-dollar firms.

Are Generic Medicines Effective?

A common misconception that rules our minds is that high-quality medicines come at a high price. The cheap ones aren’t effective. To break this myth, the government has launched the Jan Aushadhi pariyojana so that people start believing that low-priced medicines are just as effective as their expensive counterparts.

Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana


How will the Quality of These Medicines Be Ensured?

People are concerned that fake medicines are being masked and sold at cheap prices. The government of India has put strict guidelines for generic medicines. All medicines that are available under the Jan Aushadhi pariyojana are mandated to pass the NABL certification.

Who will Manufacture These Generic Medicines?

The government won’t be producing these medicines. They will purchase such medicines from private and public players. Once they have tested the quality, the medicines will be branded as ‘Jan Aushadhi’ medicines and sold.

Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana


Which Pharmacies are allowed to sell these medicines?

All the medicines under the Jan Aushadhi pariyojana would be sold separately through the Jan Aushadhi store. There are various stores that are already functioning in all states. The total number of stores operational in different parts of the country are mentioned below.

Jharkhand – 24 stores

Himachal Pradesh – 10 stores

Odisha – 23 stores

Maharashtra – 1 store

Tripura – 3 stores

Madhya Pradesh- 5 stores

Punjab – 22 stores

Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana

What is the selection criteria for a Jan Aushadhi pariyojana store?

The government isn’t selecting any stores in any part of the country. The Government is asking and encouraging individuals to open new stores. There are certain requirements that must be met before you can do so.

  •    The applicant needs to own a place so that he can open a store. Space should be a minimum of 120 sq. ft.
  •    The applicant must have a Retail Drug License and also an active TIN.
  •    The applicant must be a certified pharmacist or must employ a certified pharmacist to run the store.
  •    The applicant must have an updated and audited account for the past three years. They also need to have their sales return and bank statements for the past three years.

How cheap will be the medicines?

The Jan Aushadhi pariyojana is one of the best Pradhan Mantri Schemes to be launched. This scheme will bring down the cost of generic medicines by 3 to 14 times as compared to the market price. The government of India is making biodegradable sanitary pads available at a price of Rs 2.50.