SBI Bank

The public sector bank which is multinational in nature, which is a financial service company all in one term, is the SBI. Currently, SBI State Bank of India is the largest bank in India.  When it comes to assets SBI has a 23% market share.

SBI – State Bank Of India

This bank also deposits the 1/4th of the share and loans in the market. Many people show interest in getting a job in the SBI bank. To know more about the SBI bank and its offers can follow the below content.

History of the State Bank of India (SBI)-

In the year of 1806 State Bank of India is established. This was established in Kolkata. It is said to be the very first joint-stock bank of India. SBI is called so because this was re-designed as the Bank of Bengal in 1809 to acquire its charter after three years. It remained as the center of banking as after the bank of Bengal it also has joint stocks with the Bank of Bengal, Bank of Madras, and bank of Bombay.

State Bank Of india

SBI Bank Financial Products

SBI has over 24 thousand branches, 195 foreign offices across 36 countries and more than 59 thousand ATMs once merging its Bharatiya Mahila Bank and 5 associate banks. It is offering many products to their customers. To know further details of the SBI products follow the further post.

SBI Bank Deposit Account


  • SBI Bank Saving Account (Online & Offline)
  • Current account

SBI Loan

  • Personal Loan.
  • SBI Bank Home Loan
  • Business Loan from SBI Bank
  • SBI Bank Loan against Property
  • SBI Two-Wheeler Loan
  • Car Loan
  • SBI Gold Loan
  • SBI Education Loan
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Card
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Recurrent Deposits
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance


SBI Savings Account-

Account-holders of the SBI bank can earn interest up to 4% per annum on the account balance of them. SBI offers five types of savings accounts to its customers. The individuals can open the savings account through two types of modes as online and offline. The following are the types of savings accounts offering by the SBI.

SBI Online savings Account-

  • Insta savings account.
  • Digital savings account.

SBI Offline savings Account-

  • General Savings Account.
  • Savings Plus Account.
  • Special Salary Account.
  • 3 in 1 Demat and Online Trading
  • Basic Saving Bank Account
  • Small Savings Account

SBI Current Account-

Eight types of current accounts are offered by the SBI to their customers. To open a current account at the SBI Bank candidates must have a minimum of Rs.10,000/- balance.

State Bank Of India Loan

Here are the types of loans providing by the SBI bank to fulfill the needs of their customers.

Home Loan-

To fulfill the need of owning a home, the bank is providing the Home loan to the needy. SBI is providing these home loans over thirty lakhs families in India. The bank is providing the home loans with the low-interest rates, no hidden costs, and low processing charges.

Personal Loan

Four types of personal loans are offering by the SBI with a tenure period of 1-5 years. These personal loans are provided to the candidates to fulfill their financial needs.

Loan Against Property-

Two types of loans against property are providing by the SBI. These two types are Rent plus and Mortgage of immovable property. With very flexible tenure periods and low EMIs, one can avail of this loan against property.

Gold Loan-

Up to Rs.20,000 to Rs.20 Lakhs amount can be availed as Gold loans from the SBI by the account holders. These loans can be availed by keeping the gold ornaments or gold coins as collateral.

Education Loan-

Five types of education loans are providing by the SBI. With the help of these loans, students can opt for the leading institutions in India. Up to 1.5 Crore loan amount can be availed by the customers.

Two-wheeler loan-

Two types of two-wheeler loans with low-interest rates and no advance EMI are available at SBI. Depending on the daily reducing Balance interest rates on bikes will change.

Business Loan-

Both secured and unsecured loans are at SBI. These loans are given to fulfill the Business requirements. These loans are with flexible tenure, attractive interest rates, and hassle-free documentation.

Car Loan-

Four types of car loans are available here in SBI. SBI offers the longest tenure period for the car loans which is seven years.

SBI Bank Investment-

Fixed Deposit-

To regular the Senior citizens and regular individuals the SBI offers a fixed deposit Scheme. An FD rate at SBI varies from 5.00% to 6.80% for the regular individuals and for the Senior citizens it is 5.50% to 7.30%.

Recurring Deposit-

SBI RD Account is with a tenure period of 12 months to 120 months, SBI is offering a recurring deposit.


Credit Cards-

Wide ranges of credit cards are offered by the SBI to their customers with many benefits. Benefits like traveling, shopping, reward points, welcome bonus across, cashback, and lifestyle.

Debit cards-

Many kinds of Debit cards are also offered by the SBI to their customers. The benefits of these cards are flexible, withdrawal limits rewards on shopping and traveling, and many more.


Balance Enquiry-

Account-holders at SBI can use mobile banking, passbook, ATM checks their SBI account balance instantly, SMS Banking, toll-free number, USSD, and net banking to check the balance.

Mobile banking-

Mobile banking facility can be used by the customer through SBI anywhere personal Banking app. By using this app candidates can check their pay bills, transfer funds, and account balance.

Net Banking-

The great experience is provided by the SBI to their customers by the net banking facility. By this, they can check their transfer funds, account balance within, and also outside the bank.

Customer care-

The facility of Customer care can be used by the customers to know any queries, feedback, complaints. This can be by SMS, e-mail, toll-free numbers.

SBI Customer Service Number – 1800 425 3800