Syndicate Bank

Syndicate bank counts among the oldest and leading commercial banks in India. The bank was founded in 1925 by Upendra Ananth Pai along, Vaman Srinivas Kudva and T. M. A. Pai. The bank provides a wide range of all the financial and banking services including loans, cards and on the go banking services.

In this section, you will learn about different types of financial products and services offered by Syndicate bank. Let’s get started.

Syndicate Bank Products & Services

1. Deposit Account

Here are the two major types of deposit accounts offered by Syndicate bank:

Savings Account Savings account is a type of account offered by Syndicate bank to help customers to make a money saving habit and prepare the funds to meet their financial ends in future. Customers are required to maintain the minimum deposit balance time to time, as specified by the bank. The amount deposited in this account helps with the savings and earns customers interest on it. It can be deposited or withdrawn by cheque or withdrawal slips. Syndicate bank offers this type of deposit account in schemes differing based on the rate of interest, minimum deposit amount to be maintained and many other aspects.
Current Account Another major type of deposit account offered by Syndicate bank is current account. The Syndicate bank current account is available for individuals, public and private limited companies, partnership firms, HUFs, trusts, societies etc. It helps them go with decent finance management and savings. Customers shall deposit and maintain a certain amount in this type of account that is specified by the bank. Current accounts by Syndicate bank comes in multiple schemes that offer different services to the customers and also vary based on the deposit amount, cap limit and interest rates.

2. Loans

Here are the different types of loans by Syndicate bank that customers can avail to fulfill different purposes:

Personal Loan Personal loan is a type of loan offered by Syndicate bank that customers can avail to meet their financial requirements, be it for a vacation or wedding expenses. The bank provides personal loans to the customers at affordable rates of interest and flexible repayment tenure. Customers need to make sure they meet the eligibility criterias such as age, income and employment in order to easily get this loan. The loan amount depends on various factors such as income, purpose of taking loan etc.
Education Loan Syndicate bank offers a number of different schemes in education loans to students who wish to pursue further studies for graduation or any course in India or abroad. The maximum amount of loan that can be availed goes up to Rs 15 lakh and is determined based on the course, studies in the country and abroad. The Syndicate bank education loan covers the expenses such as tuition fees, exam fees, hostel fees, travel and passage expenses etc. Customers must meet different eligibility requirements based on courses and other factors in order to get this loan.
Home Loan The bank provides home loans to the individuals in order to meet the financial needs for housing purposes. This type of loan helps fultills the purposes such as construction of a new house or flat, renovation, extension of certain sections of house, purchase of land for construction etc. The repayment tenure varies based on the purpose of the loan and ranges up to maximum 25 years.
Agriculture Loan Agriculture loan by Syndicate bank is designed to meet the credit requirements of farmers to fulfill different agricultural practices. These loans come with different schemes to help farmers meet different agricultural purposes. The repayment tenure of Syndicate bank education loans ranges up to 7 years with a specified repayment holiday.
Vehicle Loan Vehicle loan is one of the most common types of loan that is offered by all the banks. Syndicate bank offers customers vehicle loans for the purchase of new or used four wheelers and new two wheelers. This loan can be availed at interest rates starting at 9% and the repayment tenure for this loan goes up to 72 months. The loan amount totally depends on the type of vehicle you want to avail it for. Customers must make sure they meet all the eligibility criteria and have all the documents required to get this loan.
Other Loans Syndicate bank offers many other types of loans to customers which include loan against gold, loan for pensioners and loan for traders.

2. Cards

Here are two major cards offered by Syndicate bank:

Debit Card Syndicate bank provides customers with debit cards in order to help them make seamless payments. Apart from that, customers can withdraw cash, pay bills, make online transactions and use the card to fulfill many purposes.
Credit Card The credit card offered by syndicate bank helps in the time of emergency when customers need funds to finance their needs and wants. The card comes with many perks such as reward points, cashbacks etc.

2. Investment

Syndicate bank offers the following two types of facilities to help save your money:

Fixed Deposit If you are planning to save a part of your income and earn interest for the smallest of an amount, then you may want to use the facility of a fixed deposit account offered by Syndicate bank. You can deposit the amount as low as Rs 1000 for the tenure ranging from 15 days to  120 months.
Recurring Deposit Using the recurring deposit facility by Syndicate bank, you can deposit a part of your income every month and earn interest. The minimum amount you can deposit every month is Rs 100 with the tenure ranging up to 12 years.

3. Banking Services

You can use these banking services offered by the bank in order to enjoy a convenient banking experience:

Net Banking Customers can use Syndicate Net Banking platform in order to practice various banking practices including funds transfer, bill payments and balance enquiry.
PhoneBanking Syndicate bank offers Phone Banking service to the customers to enable them access the banking activities easily. It allows individuals to keep tabs on their accounts, balance, different payments, funds transfer etc.
Customer Service Whether it is a query related to your credit card or you want to check the status of your loan application, you can contact the customer helpline of Syndicate bank in order to get your doubts answered, report an issue or share any feedback.

Syndicate Bank Customer Service

If you have any query or want to file any complaint then you can reach out to the Syndicate bank customer service and get any of your issues resolved.

To contact the bank, you can use the toll-free number:

080-220 73800

1 8 0 0 22 5092