What is Sales Tax Return, Types & Importance ?

Nowadays many people are traveling to various parts of the world just for expansion of their business or trade, to find traders and partners for their business.

Our world is succeeded in part of trades and business and the governments of our respective countries are trying their extreme most for utilization of trade and finding more ways for it, the main reason behind this is trade, purchase of goods, sales, services.

Sales Tax Return

This indicates that the governing body on the basis of the sales of services and goods, sales tax is also paid on it. Sales tax is nothing but a type of indirect tax which is imposed on exchange or purchase of certain goods which are taxable. This sales tax is calculated on the percentage of the valuation of goods, the sales tax is the amount which is additionally imposed while purchasing goods and services.

The rates are ruled and controlled by the preceding government only after enforcing the policies of individuals which are very simple and can be easily calculated and collected.

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The sales tax fixation depends on the governing principle of the current government. Still, there are universal applications of sales tax in most of the countries. The different variations of sales tax are as follows:

  • Wholesale Sales Tax:

This tax is imposed on the only one who deals in wholesale purchasing, sales, and distribution of goods only when the goods are ready with labeled and packaged for delivery or to the shipment to customer and final user of goods.

  • Retail sales tax:

This tax is only on the retail goods to be charged and has to pay directly by the final customer and also by the industrial users.

  • Valued added tax:

This tax is made by the decision of the government on sales and is applicable only to it, hence avoids the basic requirements of the system of the certificate of resale. This tax helps in avoiding tax surge as only the value-added the difference between the amount paid by the initial buyers and the amount of money paid by all the buyers subsequently for the same product.

  • Manufactures sales tax:

Knowing by the name of the tax, this tax is only imposed on the manufacturing of certain goods and has to be paid by producers and manufacturers only.

  • Use tax:

This tax is imposed only on the consumers of the goods which have been purchased with the particular sales tax (applicable only for vendors who don’t come under the tax jurisdiction).


The second democratic county is our India, which has been attained great progress in economics. The growth of the country can be allocated by the tax collected by the government. In India, there are three systems known as Central union, the State Government, and the central Government each government choosing and following their own taxation policy in order to meet their demands.


Sales tax varies with each product in which Value Added Tax forms the major slab for the state government. Every state has its own right for paying sales tax depending on its financial income and financial requirements. This act is the only reason for the variation in prices of the same goods in different states which are costlier in some states and cheaper in some other states.

There are particular certificates needed to work under the bounds and limits of the law. The individuals in the state are associated with different sellers as Dealers, manufacturers (sales of goods), and each. 


The states are providing some exclusion for certain cases or on human grounds and also for avoiding double in taxation.

  • Tax is excluded in the books sold in schools and institutions and also for the products given for the charity.
  • This sales tax exclusion is also applicable for the essential and accommodation of the list of all-state.
  • The one who has the resale certificate is excluded from paying sales tax as they are reselling the products.


  • It is very tough for the people to calculate according to the terms and calculation of sales tax.
  • The basic calculations are shown below.
  • The sales tax can be calculated using the formula given below:

              Total sales tax= cost of items multiplied by sales tax

Points needed to be considered while calculating sales tax.

  • We know that sales tax differs in all states. So we need to consider the price of the product of that particular city and state.
  • Now we need to add the price of various items and then calculate the sales tax.
  • The calculation of sales tax is always done in percentage.


As there is a perception that it is complicated to calculate the sales tax.

  • People usually don’t follow the security provisions mentioned in the central sales tax.
  • People provide false and misleading information while filling the form.
  • They don’t get the registration according to the central sales tax act.
  • The violation of the law comes if the sales tax is being collected from consumers by unregistered dealers.
  • Sometimes dealers provide incorrect statements about purchasing goods.
  • Making false documents as a dealer leads to the violation of rules.