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To purchase a motorcycle or any kind of scooter of your own choice one can apply for, two-wheeler Loan. After taking a two-wheeler loan the repayment has to be done in the form of EMI which is Equated Monthly Instalments. Both self-employed candidates and salaried candidates can apply for this two-wheeler loan. Having a two-wheeler of their choice is everyone’s dream. Now everyone’s dream has become easy to fulfill as many banks are providing loans against two-wheeler, by easy and small documentation procedures.

Two-wheeler Loan

Taking a two-wheeler loan or bike loan is much better than taking a personal loan for purchasing a bike. As two-wheeler loan is a secured loan and a personal loan is an unsecured loan. In secured loans, the interest rates will be very low and in the unsecured loan, the interest rates are high. But you cannot use this two-wheeler loan amount for other personal uses whereas in the personal loan you can do that. In both the loans you have to pay EMI’s. To apply your bike loan or two-wheeler loans at very low-interest rates you can check below here for the different interest rates at different banks.

two wheeler loan

Frequent Asked common Questions-

  • What is Two-wheeler Loan?

There are many types of loans that banks offer to customers for various purposes. As the various loans which burrowers apply for are personal loans that can be used by the applicants for different purposes, gold loans for buying gold, loans for buying properties. Like this, a two-wheeler loan is also providing by the banks for the customers to wish their dreams of having bikes of their own. This can be taken by anyone and it is a special thing for the applicants who are not having funds to get a bike but wish for the bike.

The customers can also go for financing the used bikes i.e., two-wheeler. There will be a 100% loan available for the new bike, but there is a difference in the case of used bikes.

  • Is there any advantage of taking a 2-wheeler Loan?

There are many benefits in taking a 2-wheeler loan, some of them are-

  • The applicant will easily get the amount to buy a bike they wishing for.
  • You can also use a co-applicant or guarantor to get the money.
  • You can also get superbikes with these loans.
  • There are also very bike loan interest rates for two-wheeler loans.
  • In these two-wheeler loans, you can enjoy the wide spectrum repayment periods of the loan amount.
  • You can also build your credit history by paying the loan amount on time.

FAQs for two-wheeler Loan-

Here are some of the questions or doubts asked by the customers before applying for a two-wheeler loan.

  • How can I apply for a two-wheeler loan?
  • When should I take a loan to buy a scooter or a bike?
  • Can I get a loan to fund the whole value of the vehicle?
  • What costs will a scooter or bike loan cover?
  • Should I choose a floating interest rate or a fixed interest rate?
  • Should I choose a floating interest rate or a fixed interest rate?
  • What tenure should I Choose?
  • What is a two-wheeler loan prepayment? How does prepayment help?
  • Is there any fee for prepayment?
  • Should I offer Collateral when I take my loan on time?
  • Can I sell my bike before I repay the loan?
  • What will happen if I am not able to repay my loan on time?
  • What to be done after the repayment of the loan?
  • If I have no income or I am a student can I get a bike loan?

These are some of the important factors to improve the chances of getting a bike loan.

  • To get the bike loan you have to balance your debt-to-income ratio.
  • Getting co-signers to take a bike-loan makes in getting the loan faster.
  • You should not apply for multiple loans.
  • Cleaning up your credit score helps in taking the 2-wheeler loans as soon as possible.

DO’s and Don’ts while applying for a bike-loan-

Don’ts when applying for a two-wheeler loan-

  • You should not apply for many loans at a time.
  • Attracting to the welcome gifts never apply for a loan.
  • The applicant who is applying for the loan should fill the application with all the exact and genuine details. You should not provide any fake details in the application forms.
  • Before signing a loan document, you should read the documents thoroughly with all the terms and conditions. Never sign a document without reading it.
  • One should not select the EMI which is not affordable for you.
  • EMIs should be paid on time without fail.
  • If you can repay your loan amount, repayment should be done without fail as early as possible.

Dos for applying for the 2-wheeler loan-

  • Before applying for any loan or two-wheeler loan one must research well about all the details of the loan provided by the bank.
  • Your eligibility should be check thoroughly before applying for the loan.
  • Before applying or fixing with one bank to avail a loan compares the interest rates with all the other banks also and select the bank which is best in everything.
  • Even the borrowers have to compare the processing fees and other charges also before applying for a loan.
  • Applicants must have to evaluate the credit score of the customer before application.
  • One should submit all the necessary documents asked by the lender before availing a loan.
  • Before signing the documents read them carefully.

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